How To Gain More Followers On Instagram

how to grow instagram audience

Building an engaged following on Instagram can be a daunting yet rewarding task, and it’s very common to seek answers on “How to gain more followers on Instagram.” While consistently posting may help, it just doesn’t cut it. 

For instance, If you’re seeking to increase your Instagram followers, hopping on trends is a good idea. You can use trending sounds or hashtags to ensure your post reaches a broader audience.

If you need help increasing your Instagram followers, you may need to do something differently. Thankfully, this guide will provide you with actionable steps and advice to help you gain more followers on Instagram quickly and effectively. 

From developing engaging content to utilising the most effective hashtags, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks you need to become an Instagram sensation. Also, we’ll discuss the importance of an Instagram following and how you can monetise your IG.

Why an Instagram Following is Important

Having a large Instagram following can be highly beneficial in today’s digital age. It can open up new opportunities, help you reach a larger audience, and even increase your earning potential. 

Contrary to the belief of some, a large Instagram follower base isn’t only crucial for famous brands and celebrities. Also, having IG followers is essential if you’re an aspiring influencer or just looking to get your business off the ground. 

From connecting with other influencers to increasing your chances of monetising your content, a sizeable IG followership is more important than ever. 

Here are some more points to consider.

You Can Become an Influencer and Make Money

Being an influencer is very lucrative, especially when you have an Instagram audience. With a following of over 10k, you can level up from being a nano influencer to a micro-influencer and earn more in ambassadorship deals and sponsored posts. Also, the more followers you have, equals more profitable collaborations from different brands, as many brands go for influencers with a large following.

You Can Grow Your Business

It’s not new to find many people flock to IG in search of products and services. A large Instagram following can help scale your business if you’re a business owner. With more followers, you can build loyalty by consistently engaging with them. Also, it’ll help you crush your business goals, set new ones and boost your creativity.

You Can Launch a New Business Based On Your Following

A large IG following unlocks a new level of creativity in you. You’ll be more aware of emerging trends you can leverage to start a new business or product. Also, if you have a lot of followers on Instagram, kickstarting your business will be easy. The reason is that people are more likely to buy from someone they are already familiar with, giving your business a form of credibility.

7 Practical Tips for Growing your Following

One way to reach a wider audience, get brand recognition, and increase sales is via Instagram. However, building a large followership isn’t a walk in the park. Your profile must be optimised and easy to understand with a concise bio. Also, it’s essential you use keywords in your captions as well as trending hashtags. 

If you need help getting more followers on IG, here are some practical tips to help you.

Optimise your IG profile

An optimised profile is one of the most critical steps in gaining more followers on Instagram. An optimised profile makes it easier for potential followers to discover your content and understand who you are.

Begin by adding a professional profile photo that reflects your brand. Next, include a clear and concise bio that succinctly describes who you are and what you offer. Also, include a link to your website or other social media platforms to make it easier for followers to connect with you.

Use keywords and CTA’s

When gaining more followers on Instagram, using calls to action and keywords is essential. A call to action is a statement that encourages your followers to take a specific action. You can use calls to action in captions, stories, and posts to encourage people to follow you, like your content, or comment on it. 

Additionally, using relevant keywords in your posts can help them show up in more searches, giving you more visibility and leading to more followers. That way, your content will show up in the results when someone searches for a specific keyword. This can lead to a lot of new followers as well as increased engagement on your page.

Here’s a really interesting IG clip from James Smith that includes a CTA and lets people know exactly what to do next.

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are an important way to get your content seen on Instagram. By including relevant hashtags in your posts, you can increase your chances of appearing in search results and reaching a larger audience. Research the prevalent hashtags in your niche and choose those that make sense for your content. For example, ensure that the hashtags in your captions are relevant to your content. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to use a mix of popular and less-popular hashtags. A blend of both ensures your content isn’t lost in the crowd. You can aim for around 5-10 hashtags per post, depending on the size of your caption. Also, keep things short and easy to remember when creating custom hashtags. A long hashtag can look cluttered in your caption.

Use Instagram reels and stories

Instagram stories and reels are a great way to engage with your followers and increase your visibility on Instagram. Using stories, you can share short snippets of your life or business with your followers in a fun and creative way. You can also use stories to create polls, ask questions, feature discounts or promotions, or share behind-the-scenes content.

Likewise, you can add captions, location tags, emojis, and hashtags when creating IG reels to make them even more exciting and engaging. Include links in your stories or utilise features such as the “swipe up” feature, which allows people to instantly access your website without leaving the Instagram app.

Here’s an example of Instagram reels done right from one of the OG fitness influencers, Simeon Panda.

Constantly engage your followers

Engaging with your community is one of the most important things you can do to gain more followers on Instagram. Responding to comments, liking and reposting other users’ posts, and following other accounts are great ways to increase your presence on the platform. Even if it’s just a “thank you” or a “like”, this will show your audience that you’re listening and that their input is valuable. 

Also, liking other people’s posts and sharing them with your followers is a great way to engage with your community. It shows that you’re willing to support other users and their content. This could also lead to collaborations or new relationships in the future. It could also put you on the radar of influencer marketing agencies.

Use IG ads and analytic tools

Instagram Ads are a great way to get your content in front of new audiences and gain more followers. Ads allow you to target users by location, interests, age, and more so that you can focus on getting your content seen by the right people. In the same vein, analytic tools are helpful in understanding how your posts are performing. They provide insights into your audience’s engagement with your content, allowing you to learn what works best and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

If you’re serious about gaining more followers on Instagram, investing in ads and analytics is a must. With the right tools, you can gain valuable insights into your content performance and grow your following organically.

Post engaging content

To attract more followers on Instagram, you need to post interesting and engaging content. While posting content in your niche is essential, it will help if you do something unusual or repost a funny video to get your followers’ attention. You should also use captivating descriptions that draw people in and make them want to learn more about your post.

It’s crucial that your content on IG is visually appealing to catch the eye of potential followers. Instagram offers a variety of creative tools like Boomerang that you can use to add visual interest to your posts.

Need an example? Check out this IG reel from Olima Omega and tell us it’s not one of the most engaging things you’ve ever seen.

How to Monetize Your IG Following

You don’t have to be a famous celebrity before you can monetise your IG following. Whether you’re a fashion vlogger, a food content creator or an aspiring influencer, you can monetise your IG following. As long as you’re aware of how Instagram monetisation works and you have the required number of followers, you’re well on your way to making it big. Here are a few tips on monetising your IG following.

  • Consistently go live and earn badges from your followers
  • Create sponsored content for brands to promote their product or service via influencer marketing
  • Work with brands as an ambassador via affiliate marketing
  • Sell and promote your own business
  • Create an Instagram subscription for followers that want exclusive and premium content

To Wrap It Up

There you have it. We’ve talked about helpful tips on how to gain more followers on Instagram, from optimising your Instagram profile, using keywords and calls to action, and incorporating relevant hashtags to improve your visibility on the platform. 

By following these practical tips, you can deliberately increase your following, reach a broader audience, and potentially monetise your content. and opportunities. 

Next, check out our post on how to create and viral IG reels.

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