How it works

When joining Gymfluencers you instantly access the best learning tools to help grow your following and improve your social media footprints. Not only this but your profile will also be put forward to fitting brands that we work with including Fitness First, The Body Shop, Hello Fresh, JSHealth, Pure Gym, Green Chef, and many more.

Once signed up you will receive:

Gymfluencers costs £29.99 per year to join which works out to be just £2.49 per month (8p per day) and unlocks yearly value worth thousands of pounds.



We align hundreds of collabs each and every month which are all on a gifted + paid for collab basis. When joining the network you are prompted to add your followers and rate £ per post.



When a brand arranges a collab with us we simply run their criteria of minimum followers and budget through our system which generates the profiles that fit. They then select their favourite profiles which we then select and send you the offer to accept or decline.



You would then receive the product, make the post, and get paid.

It’s as easy as that!



If you have over 1000 followers and want to get paid for collaborating with the world’s biggest brands simply fill in the form here:

Gymfluencers recently added the £29.99 yearly fee (just £2.49 per month) to make sure only those serious about working on collaborations are on the network. This makes sure fake profiles also cannot join.

NO! Health and fitness includes gyms, skin care, beauty, food, drink, supplements, and more. The Body Shop, for example, is globally used and wanted along with Hello Fresh. As long as you have an audience of 1000+ followers and enjoy making content you’d be perfect for the network. Please also note that many ‘gym brands’ are wanting to work with newbies, families, couples and those who have yet to start their fitness journey.

Currently, Gymfluencers sends all offers directly to you on Instagram. You receive offers based on us aligning your profile/rate with brands/budgets that suit you.

Yes! We will always do our best to align you with brands that suit but if you don’t want to represent a certain brand or product just simply decline. This does not affect any future offers.

Gymfluencers constantly promote the best profiles to the brands we work with. We cannot guarantee timescales or a certain amount of collabs but do guarantee that we will constantly deliver valuable learning resources and value for your full 12-month term.

Simply drop us a DM on Instagram and we will perform the review asap.

Gymfluencers will always announce this via our Instagram profile

Yes! We may require content to be re-done or edited until it meets the specifications of the brand.

Within 24 hours of posting the content. Our average payout time is 6 minutes.

Yes! If you don’t wish to be on the Gymfluencers network please email to be removed.

Gymfluencers does not offer refunds and the fee is set for a 12 month term. We provide all of the value outlined of which we believe is the best value on the internet. 

For those who joined prior to Jan 22nd 2023 and were offered the 90 day guarantee promo this is still valid and can be claimed by emailing at the end of your 90 day term.

8 Hot Hacks To Grow Your Profile Cheat Sheet RRP £29.99

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