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heyDominik reports massive shift on social media

According to creator coach, heyDominik, there’s a massive shift going on in the social media landscape, and nobody seems to ...

TikTok money making secrets

You may have heard that it’s notoriously difficult to monetize TikTok. But Melissa Laurie has some tips that could make ...

Going from $0 to $10k in 30 days

According to heyDominik, it’s possible for small creators to go from making nothing to banking over $10k in one month. ...

New influencer marketing guide for 2024

If you’re looking to level up in the rest of the year, this video will help. Melissa Laurie shares her ...

New changes to IG’s algorithm

As you probably know, Instagram is constantly changing its algorithm. In this video, we discover some of the latest changes ...

Making viral TikTok scripts with AI

Join Melissa Laurie as she creates a smash hit TikTok script using AI. The video shows how you too can ...

Is TikTok going to kill Instagram?

According to heyDominik, TikTok just announced an app that could well be the end of Instagram. It remains to be ...

Why most creators won’t grow on YouTube

Robert Benjamin is back with some hard hitting takes on why most content creators see a stagnant growth on their ...

Creating an online course in 5 simple steps

Join Stephanie Kase for her 5 step process to create an online course. It’s straightforward, and with a little work, ...

Hack: How to get 10k followers in 24 hours

Join Robert Benjamin for an insane IG hack that can get you up to 10k followers in under a day. ...

Stephanie Kase’s Content Creation Workflow

If you’re a content creator, you know how hard it can be to create enough content and still make time ...

Editing mistakes most small channels make – Think Media

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that small channels make while trying to get off the ground. It’s incredible ...

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