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Top YouTube mistakes to avoid

Looking to launch a new YouTube channel? Well, you need to hit play on this video and see what Jade ...

Best video editing software – Think Media

Looking to ramp up your video editing game? It may be time to switch out your software, and here are ...

Latest Instagram feature for growth – Jade Beason

Join Jade Beason as she shares her latest discovery of Instagram. It’s a feature you wouldn’t think to look at ...

Meta + Amazon collaboration for creators

Meta and Amazon, two of the biggest creators, seem to have joined forces to launch some of the best AI ...

Instagram Coach Leaves Platform?

If you know Modern Millie, you know she’s one of the IG coaches you need to pay attention to if ...

2024 Guide for Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns – Melissa Laurie

Join Melissa Laurie in this guide on how to create influencer campaigns that are actually successful and achieve their goals. ...

Monetizing TikTok with a Small Following

TikTok is very tricky to monetize; it’s just how the platform works. But Melissa Laurie is sharing some tips on ...

Best to worst Instagram Updates of 2023

This year has seen a wide number of IG updates. Some were great. Others, not so much. In this video, ...

4-Step LinkedIn Growth Strategy with Melissa Laurie

LinkedIn seems to be an enigma, compared to the other social media platforms, because it’s so tricky to nail right. ...

10 Social Media Trends To Keep An Eye Out For in 2024

Looking to ramp up your social media presence in 2024? Then this video will be instrumental. Join Modern Mille as ...

Growing a Podcast in 2024 – Jade Beason

The podcast space is definitely pretty crowded right now. But if you’re looking to launch a podcast in 2024, you ...

Content Creation Workflow Hacks – Jade Beason

New year is coming and everyone has big plans for what they want to do. That’s why You need to ...

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