Top 10 Fitness Influencers in the U.K. to Follow

Fitness influencer in the U.K to follow

The U.K. is home to some of the most influential figures in the fitness industry, inspiring millions to change their lifestyles and take control of their health. From gym bunnies to workout enthusiasts, these influencers have amassed a huge following due to their inspiring fitness journeys. Here’s our list of the top ten fitness influencers in the U.K. that you can follow.

Joe Wicks (@The Body Coach TV on YouTube)

Joe, one of the most followed U.K. fitness influencers on Instagram, makes the top of our list. Popularly known as The Body Coach, Joe embodies the inspiration you need to stay fit and healthy. Joe desires to make his universe healthier, fitter, and happier, and his social media posts reflect that.

Joe stormed the fitness industry with his popular 15-min meal and 90-Day Plan and has since been a fitness inspiration to many. Joe constantly shares his workout sessions on his Instagram, challenging his followers to emulate his healthy lifestyle. As a form of inspiration, he posts photos of his clients hitting their fitness milestones while also discussing his healthy food regimen.

Joe is perfect if you’re searching for trusted fitness brands, as he’s worked with many. His verified Instagram account has over 4.5 million followers. 

Alex Beattie (@alex.beattie on TikTok)


Give this one a try for size! Cosching enquiry in bio 💪🏼 #armsession #WeAreAchievable

♬ Dirty Harry – Gorillaz

Former Newcastle personal trainer and reality tv personality Alex is an online mindset and fitness coach. He is also the founder of Achievable Academy. 

Before featuring on Love Island, Alex participated in several International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation shows. After his appearance on the reality TV Love Island, Alex became famous, amassing over 650k followers on I.G. 

Lucy Davis (@Lucy Davis Fit on YouTube)

Another U.K. fitness influencer you should follow is Lucy Davis. She advocates for several reputable brands, including Nocco, My Protein, and Gymshark. Her YouTube account, her primary platform for sharing fitness tips and engaging her audience, has over 200k subscribers. 

Lucy’s ability to inspire her audience is almost matchless, as running a 100K ultramarathon is not something many YouTubers can boast of. The Marine Commandos and the U.S. Navy Seal are some notable fitness challenges she has participated in. If you want to improve your strength, you can follow her as she regularly posts her workout sessions and training series. 

Courtney Black (@Courtney Black on TikTok)


How i stay lean when im not cooking my own meals! #whatieayinaday #howistayfit

♬ original sound – Courtney Black

Courtney Black is another famous nutrition coach and personal trainer in the U.K. that shot to fame by posting her training sessions and results. Growing up, Courtney struggled with an eating disorder, and that experience made her more knowledgeable about healthy eating habits.

Courtney’s influence has continued to grow in the Instagram space, as she currently has more than 850K followers. She built the Courtney Black app to connect more practically with her followers while sharing the highs and lows of attaining her fitness goals. 

Courtney’s open attitude is one fantastic quality her followers love about her. You can follow her to enjoy her live workout sessions and other fitness challenges.

Michael Griffiths (@Michael Griffiths on YouTube

Michael Griffiths is another unique personality on our list. Michael, who started as a firefighter in Liverpool, rose to the limelight in 2019 after competing on Love Island. Since then, he has appeared on numerous Reality T.V. shows and taken part in several bodybuilding challenges.

One notable thing about Michael Griffiths is his remarkable progress with bodybuilding after he left the reality show. Although he was ripped while on Love Island, his shoulders are broader, and his muscles are more defined. Unsurprisingly, his toned muscles and impressive physique have garnered him over 1.1 million followers on I.G. Micheal is now a T.V. presenter, fitness coach, and an Instagram fitness influencer.

Emma Storey-Gordon (@esgfitness on YouTube)

Besides being a social media fitness influencer, Emma is an educator, a mentor, and an online health and fitness coach. With over 78k followers on Instagram and an impressive engagement rate, Emma’s fitness personality influence is worth mentioning.

Emma is passionate about health and wellness, as she’s very vocal about it on her social media pages. She owns a podcast where she speaks on tips to stay healthy and fit. She also holds personal and group personal training classes. 

Regardless of the fitness goal, whether it’s weight loss, muscle building, or healthy eating, Emma strives to give her clients their desired results. With over ten years of experience as a fitness coach, Emma provides results that last. 

Lisa Cross (@bblisacross on TikTok)


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Well-known as a pro in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, Lisa Cross is a UK-based social media fitness influencer worth following. Over the years, she has built a loyal online community of fitness enthusiasts. 

Lisa has a solid fan base of over 136K followers on TikTok, her primary platform for sharing her workout videos. She’s your go-to person if you need tips on toning your abs, building muscle, and improving your strength. She also holds live Q&A sessions on her TikTok page, answering various questions on health and fitness.

Adam Maxted (@adammaxted on YouTube)

Although known for several other unique roles, including professional wrestling, Adam Maxted is a renowned fitness influencer. He made his debut appearance as a professional wrestler in 2016 and also worked as a P.R. manager for Scintillate Marbella before he began working as a personal trainer.

Adam Maxted is popularly known as a reality star and rose to fame when he competed in the second season of Love Island. The reality T.V. show gave him the recognition he deserved, establishing his online presence as a personal trainer. Adam has an Instagram following of over 150k followers. 

Victoria Niamh (@victorianiamh on TikTok)


♬ original sound – Victorianiamh

Popularly known for unapologetically promoting body positivity and confidence on Instagram, Victoria Niamh is a U.K. fitness influencer with a loyal fan base of over 129K followers. At some point in her life, Victoria suffered from a severe eating disorder, which has inspired her to help over 100K women suffering from the same. 

In addition, she founded The Glow Up Project to help women understand the importance of paying attention to their mental health. Victoria Niamh uses her social media platform to post photos of her fitness progress and other inspiring and educating fitness-related content. 

Sean Casey (@Sean Casey Fitness on YouTube)

Sean Casey is a fitness coach and YouTube content creator with a fan base of 2.2M followers. One reason Sean is loved by his followers is his unique style and funny content. If you’re looking for fitness tips, diet plans, and simple recipes sprinkled with humour, you should follow Sean.

He founded the Sean Casey Academy, a one-stop shop for simplifying your walk to fitness and transformation. He specifically loves to help people cut through the unnecessary overcomplications peculiar to the fitness industry. In line with this, he also hosts a podcast that shares tips for tackling fitness issues while explaining complex fitness topics.

Tips on How to Become a Successful Fitness Influencer in the U.K.

Becoming a fitness Influencer is a lucrative venture, with the fitness industry hitting 42 Billion dollars before the pandemic (Statistica). As a fitness influencer, you can make money doing what you love while sharing your fitness journey. If you’re starting as an influencer in the fitness industry, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Discover Your Niche

The fitness industry has several niches, such as personal training, nutrition, dancing, yoga, weightlifting, pilates, mental health, etc. before you begin, select a niche you’re most comfortable in or passionate about. If you have experience in more than one niche, you can combine related niches to give your followers more vast and robust content.

Study Your Niche

The next thing to do is embark on a research journey into your preferred niche. You want to avoid putting yourself out there as an influencer who is a novice in the field you are interested in. It’s also essential to study the business aspect of the niche you want to focus on and learn about the kind of content that drive online engagement.

Know Your Target Audience and Determine Your Competitive Edge

This step will require you to be able to answer two questions – “Who is your content relevant to? The second question is, “What makes you different from other fitness influencers in your niche”? Your answers will help you to define your goals better.

Define Your Goals and Strategies

Long-term and short-term goals are necessary to keep you thriving in the fitness industry. A long-term plan can include determining if you want to make money as a fitness influencer or establish an online presence. Short-term goals can consist of how many followers you want within three months. All of these will help you determine effective strategies for achieving your goals.

Monetize Your Brand

You can start earning as a fitness influencer by posting ads for other brands, selling your services as a product, and collaborating with other brands for partnership. Depending on your number of followers, you can become a nano, micro, or macro influencer.

To Wrap It Up

Many fitness influencers in the U.K. have made a name for themselves and inspired others to stay fit and active. Joe Wicks, Adam Maxted, Victoria Niamh, etc., are some of the names who have made their mark in the U.K. fitness industry. Whether you’re looking for guidance on staying healthy or inspiration for working out, these influential people can provide all that and more. So look at their social media accounts and websites for fitness and diet tips.

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