Sustainable Order Fulfilment Practices for Fitness Brands

Sustainable Order Fulfilment Practices for Fitness Brands

If you’re selling health and well-being products, we know you’re all about promoting a healthy lifestyle. But have you considered how you signal this to your customers? To be authentic, you need to live and breathe your values, including how you make your business happen. 

Sustainable practices aren’t just good for the planet—they’re good for your brand, too. Adopting eco-friendly ecommerce fulfilment strategies can reduce your carbon footprint, save on costs, and enhance your brand’s reputation. And guess what? Delta Fulfilment is here to help you every step of the way.

The Importance of Sustainable Fulfilment

You might be wondering, what exactly is sustainable fulfilment? It’s all about using eco-friendly methods and materials throughout your supply chain.

Sustainable fulfilment helps you minimise your carbon footprint by optimising logistics and packaging, significantly cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions. This isn’t just a win for the environment but also a great way to save on operational costs over time.

Consumers today love fitness ecommerce brands (and even fitness influencers) that show they care about the planet, boosting your appeal and loyalty. Aligning your practices with these principles shows your commitment to overall health and wellness. 

Choosing Delta Fulfilment as your sustainable fulfilment partner can help you seamlessly integrate these green practices into your operations in a cost-effective way.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

One of the easiest ways to make your fulfilment process more sustainable is to switch to eco-friendly practices such as using biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials. Instead of using traditional plastic, consider sustainable packing solutions like cornstarch packaging, mushroom-based materials, and recycled cardboard. These materials are not only better for the environment, but they also resonate well with eco-conscious customers.

Take inspo from Nike, which has made significant strides in sustainable packaging with its “One Box” initiative, which reduces packaging waste by 51% for single online orders. Whilst you might not be operating on the same scale as Nike, you can take steps in the right direction with Delta Fulfilment, where you can access a range of eco-friendly packaging solutions tailored to your needs.

Efficient Ecommerce Inventory Management

We get it. Inventory management sounds dull. Whether you’re a supplement brand, selling fitness products or health and fitness equipment, getting the inventory levels right is so important for reducing waste and cutting your costs. 

Implementing a Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory system can help you keep stock levels optimal, reducing excess and waste. This approach means you have what you need when you need it without overstocking or understocking. 

Pairing JIT with demand forecasting allows you to use analytics to predict sales trends and adjust inventory accordingly. This minimises waste and means that your customers always find what they’re looking for. This will have a positive knock-on to your customer experience, too.

Adidas has successfully implemented JIT systems through their Speedfactory, which uses advanced automation and 3D printing to produce shoes quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing the need for large inventories. Delta Fulfilment’s advanced inventory management systems can help you achieve this balance, keeping your stock levels just right and minimising your environmental impact.

Choose Sustainable Shipping Partners

Your shipping practices play a huge role in your overall sustainability. Partnering with eco-friendly shipping providers who use electric or hybrid vehicles can make a big difference. 

Your customers might also like the option to select carbon-neutral shipping to offset the carbon footprint of their deliveries. This not only helps the environment but also boosts your brand’s green credentials.

Gymshark’s partnership with eco-friendly logistics providers is a shining example of sustainable shipping in action. They have purposely chosen a global transport provider with expertise in green logistics, which alongside their other sustainable initiatives, positions them as an eco-friendly brand.

Delta Fulfilment can help you establish similar partnerships, ensuring your shipping practices are as green as possible.

Reducing Returns and Enhancing Reverse Logistics

Minimising returns not only reduces waste but also improves customer satisfaction. Start by providing accurate product descriptions and sizing guides to help customers make informed purchases, reducing the likelihood of returns. Lululemon has improved its returns process by integrating detailed product descriptions, resulting in a 20% reduction in returns.

If returns are inevitable, develop a sustainable returns process by recycling or refurbishing returned items instead of discarding them. This not only saves resources but also shows your commitment to sustainability. 

Delta Fulfilment offers robust reverse logistics solutions that align with sustainable practices, helping you manage returns efficiently and sustainably.

Digital Transformation for Sustainable Fulfilment

By digitising its fulfilment process, Peloton has significantly boosted its efficiency and reduced waste, achieving a 30% increase in efficiency and a notable reduction in waste. Embracing digital tools and automation in your fulfilment process can similarly enhance efficiency and sustainability. Switching to digital documentation and billing not only reduces paper use but also cuts down on waste. 

Receiving the wrong item or waiting a lengthy time for it to arrive does nothing to improve customer satisfaction. You can avoid this by using a fulfilment company that uses automation in warehousing and order processing. Automation minimises errors and speeds up operations, making your entire process more efficient.

Delta Fulfilment provides cutting-edge digital solutions to streamline your operations sustainably, ensuring that every step of your process is as efficient and eco-friendly as possible.

Engaging Customers in Sustainable Practices

Brand reputation is everything. Educating and involving your customers in your sustainability efforts can enhance loyalty and brand image. Don’t let your sustainability efforts go unnoticed – share your sustainable practices through blogs and your socials, and encourage customers to participate in eco-friendly initiatives, like returning packaging for recycling.

Patagonia’s “Worn Wear” campaign has been a game changer in challenging overconsumption. They encourage customers to return used items for repair and recycling, fostering a culture of sustainability and conscious consumerism. 

Delta Fulfilment can help you implement effective sustainability campaigns, turning your customers into partners in your green journey.

Monitoring and Improving Sustainability Efforts

Let’s be honest. Gains don’t happen overnight. And in the same way, you’re not suddenly going to be fully green. Continuous improvement is the most realistic approach to maintaining and enhancing sustainable practices.

To keep your sustainability game strong, use tools to track your environmental impact and regularly review and update your practices. This helps you stay current with new technologies and methods as they come up. For example, REI does quarterly sustainability audits, leading to continuous improvement in their eco-friendly efforts.

Delta Fulfilment can help with thorough monitoring and auditing services to keep your practices fresh and effective.

Let Delta Fulfilment Do The Heavy Lifting And Sort Out Your Sustainable Order Fulfilment.

Sustainable order fulfilment isn’t just about saving the planet—it’s about aligning with the core values of health and wellness that define your brand. By adopting these practices, you can enhance your reputation, reduce costs, and contribute to a healthier world. Delta Fulfilment is here to support you every step of the way, offering tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.

About the Author

Dani Mechlowitz is the Founder & Managing Director of Delta Fulfilment. When you’re ready to expand into new markets, Dani and the Delta Fulfilment team are here to help guide you every step of the way.

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